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Specializing in the design and production of tack cloths for professional uses.

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Bond Corp. is the world’s only major tack cloth manufacturer that specializes solely in the design and production for professional uses.

For over 75 years, a wide variety of industry professionals have relied upon Bond® Tack Cloth to ensure that their products have the highest quality finish possible… a smooth, unblemished, Crystal clear finish that exceeds your expectations!

Bond Corp. is the manufacturer of Crystal® brand tack cloth.

Bond Corp. tack cloth proudly serves the following industries
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Woodworking
  • Auto Body Repair
  • Furniture
  • Musical Instruments
  • Plastics
  • Appliances
  • Motorcycles/Bicycles
  • Powder Coating
  • Aerospace
  • Marine

Our Mission

Bond Corp. is dedicated to being the highest quality manufacturer and supplier of tack cloth and related products for the surface preparation industry worldwide. Quality means meeting customers present and future needs, recognizing that customers' exist both within the company and outside the company.

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Why Choose us

Bond Corp. Winning Finishes For Over 75 Years

We know that the true value of our product is in its ability to perform properly in your particular application the first time, every time. That’s why our Application Engineers work closely with your finishing department to ensure that the right product elements, Tack Formula, Tack Weight, Material and Packaging are properly combined to trap and remove the dirt that other brands leave behind.

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It's no wonder why Bond® Tack Cloth and Crystal® brand tack cloths enjoy the industry’s strongest customer brand loyalty


Products / Your Needs


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Bond Corp.’s product superiority is a direct result of the combination of high-quality materials, application-specific formulas and our tight specification manufacturing process. Our exclusive ‘thermoset’ process sets a quality standard only Bond® Tack Cloth is manufactured under and adheres to. Using a high temperature and pressure tack ‘thermoset’ impregnation process guarantees a shelf and working life that other brands simply can’t match. Thermosetting also significantly reduces invisible residue buildup that may react with other finishing materials to cause coating defects such as marring, streaking and fisheyes. The Bond® Tack cloth and Crystal® brand has a reputation for product reliability that is unsurpassed and sure to please your most demanding customers.

Materials are available to suit every need. We only use the highest grades of bleached woven cotton and knit polyester. This ensures that each piece of Bond® Tack Cloth will resist fraying, drying, hardening, snagging and linting longer than any other brand. A full range of cotton meshes (threads per square inch) are available including 28/24, 24/20, 20/16 and 20/12 to best suit your specific application.

In addition, two PolyKnit materials are also available. This synthetic, polyester based fabric is a continuous knit filament with a knitted selvedge which is hotwire-cut to eliminate contamination from loose or frayed fibers. This has become the new standard in the automotive industry.

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Choosing the correct and right amount of ‘tack’ for your specific application is an important quality consideration. Our wide variety of unique, application-specific formulas are all designed and manufactured in our factory by highly skilled technicians who appreciate the special finishing challenges you may face.

Too much “tack” can cause invisible residue buildup which can react with paints and varnishes. Too little and your finish will be contaminated with unwanted particulates. Getting it just right is why Bond technicians have developed a full range of cloth treatments. From Lite & Dry to Extra Tacky, we have the right treatment and formula for the most demanding applications.

Prep Wipes dramatically reduces paint defects, improves paint adhesion and eliminates static electricity on prepared surfaces. Single-stage wiping system greatly increases productivity. Uniform surface conditioning with metered fluid release and cleans better than aqueous or organic solvents alone. Reduces shop waste and solvent use. 6 pouches with 50 wipers/pouch. A safety lock case is also available.

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Packaged The Way You Want It

Whether it’s rolls, cut bulk or individual bags, our products are packaged to ensure the highest economics, greatest convenience and unsurpassed cleanliness.

Rolls are available in all of the cotton meshes. Rolls are 150 yards long, 36 inches wide, folded down to a 4-ply.

Please Note: Polyknits are not available in roll form.

Cut Bulk are 100 pieces per bag. Each piece of cotton tack cloth is 36 inches wide, folded down to a 4-ply and cut to an 18-inch length. Our Polyknit is a single ply nominal 9-inch width and cut to an 18-inch length. We bulk pack the shipping cartons for the most economical count for shipping. We offer single boxes for an additional charge.

Individual bags are 1 piece per bag and 100 pieces per carton. Each piece of tack cloth is 36 inches wide, folded down to a 4-ply and cut to an 18-inch piece then folded into a pad.



Customer Reviews

These tack cloths are light years ahead of the "HDX" brand cloths Home Depot sells, which I have been buying for years because "it's just a tack cloth, how much difference can there be?" Zero comparison. The Crystal cloths are HUGE, and very tightly woven. It's less of a "cheese cloth" and more of a "lightly woven linen". Seems to hold tack much longer than competing clothes. Love, love, love, these are my new go-to's.


United States

Verified Purchase. I restore vintage machinist chests for a hobby, which includes lots of sanding, staining and finishes with 3 coats of spar with light sanding between. The tack cloths I have used either are too sticky or not sticky at all. I used Crystal the day I received them. Not intending to sound like a 3 Bears story, but I found they are just the right amount of sticky.

Smiling Tiger

United State

If you do any painting on metal or wood that requires sanding beforehand, (and what doesn't?) you need these tack cloths. Sure, some auto supply stores or big-box stores stock tack cloths, but they're generally overpriced. These are reasonably priced, and the 1/2 SQ YD size allows you to cut them down for small projects. I used them while sanding, staining, and finishing (w/ urethane) plaques and hangars for mounting antique musical instruments and other collectibles. (The 1860 Colt is a non-firing replica.)

Texas Jack


I grinded so much paint off my 2 car detached garage. As a result, I needed a good tack cloth after vacuuming all the remaining paint dust. I was amazed how much this tack cloth was able to grab all the remaining paint dust, which wasn’t visible to the eye. I highly recommend them!



These are much better than 3M tack cloths by far. The Crystal has a finer, tighter weave to the cloth, it's VERY large when opened. Large enough that I sometimes cut them in half for smaller jobs. The wax never dries out, doesn't get hard even after laying out for months, great value for the money and it's made in the USA, what more could one want. They really are 'premium' and this is the second time I have purchased them.



I usually always order a Crystal premium from Amazon. I recently made the mistake of purchasing a different brand of tack cloths and was highly disappointed. Crystal premium offers great value for the money! Thick cloth, sticky enough to pick up any fibers or dust. Doesn't leave behind a residue. I've ordered these for the past two years and won't make the mistake again of ordering a different brand.

Best Deal, Great quality!


Love these I recommend these than any other I been painting cars for 10 years now n these are just the perfect ones I’ll continue to buy . Tacks real well picks up lint easily dust easily and they last long I use 1 for a month so the box last me for a year . Also really good big size .



I read some reviews that included comments that said they had a sticky residue or it ruined their projects. It is important like others have said to completely unfold the cloth and then scrunch it up and use it to wipe off dust. I had no problems when used properly and feel like it cleaned the dust from sanding off of the cupboard doors I was painting very well.



These are exactly as described. They lasted a lot longer than I expected. Only ended up using 2 of them for a major product. As soon as one side seems soiled, unfold it, flip it, reuse it.




Open career opportunities

We have several career opportunity that you can apply for

    Production Machinist

    Job Description:

    We are hiring a production machine operators for our manufacturing plant. This opportunity is perfect for the individual who likes working with their hands, setting up and adjusting machinery and equipment to run safely, productively, smoothly, and efficiently. You will be responsible for operating and maintaining equipment that produces various grades and types of tack cloths. A great Bond Corp. machine operator is reliable and able to work with attention to detail and upholds our safety standards. Fast-paced on-the-job training will require a willingness to learn and to work closely with other experienced team members.



    • Set up machines to start a production run

    • Control and adjust machine settings based on safety and quality standards

    • Fix minor mechanical issues that might occur

    • Check quality to prevent any machine-related mistakes or flaws

    • Recording accurate data on written reports

    • Verify control and compliance to weight standards

    • Batch mixing of non-toxic chemicals

    • Perform cleaning, inspection, and preventive maintenance tasks as required

    • Maintain a clean and safe work area at all times


    Skills / Requirements:

    • One year of experience as machine operator preferred, not required

    • Understanding of operational processes and procedures

    • Adherence to health and safety regulations

    • Organizational skills

    • Basic math skills

    • Attention to detail

    • Teamwork and communication skills

    • Proficiency with hand & cleaning tools, including industrial shears

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